WHo are we?

Welcome to Bubble & BOOM Cosmetics, where we stock and make the best bath bombs in the world. We like our bath bombs to do two things - be beautiful and make your skin feel amazing. Everything from unicorn bath bombs to candy hearts bath bombs. It all started in February 2020 when I went in the kitchen and cooked up a bath of Cherry Bath Bombs and since then I have been obsessed with all things soap!


We are a small business, and I am a one woman band, on a mission to make my dreams a reality, I enjoy fun and quirky designs and am in love with cute food like cupcakes and donuts, unfortunately i can only incorporate a small amount of my ideas into our bath products and this is due to the laws around soap and food imitation. ​ We are a UK based business and home based (in the kitchen) making handmade, vegan and skin soothing bath bombs, we also hold valid CPSR's for all our product meaning we are allowed to sell our products legally in the UK & EU.



We also have recently started selling some of our bath bombs wholesale so if you are interested in buying wholesale please click here.  ​ Every order is so important too is, and we want you to enjoy our products.

Every order is so important too us, and we want you to enjoy our products.