About CBD & Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy CBD products should not be used by pregnant/breastfeeding women without first consulting their doctor. People with a history of High/Low Blood Pressure should also consult their doctor before using this product.

It is impossible to "overdose" on CBD, our CBD does not get you "high" as it is <0.2% THC. There is no such thing as too much because this is NOT a medical product or a medical grade CBD. That being said, you will need to experiment as to how much is perfect for you personally.

There is no point in having a bath that is strong if a lesser dose does the trick for you. Start with a small dose and see how you get on. If you need to increase it next time then do so.

Our CBD isolate is EU laboratory tested and sourced. It is certified and every product we make holds a valid Toxicology Cosmetic Safety Assessment and is registered with the CPNP in Brussels as required by both EU and UK law.
The CBD strain used for our isolate is Futura 75 which originates in France and is one of the approved EU strains for purity and from a natural and NOT synthetic source.


Please see the strain purity details and the lab purity report in the product photos. You may use these for your records.


How CBD Bombs work:

Soaking in warm water opens our skin pores. As a result, the dissolved CBD in the water has no problems entering through our skin and reaching our bloodstream. Our bodies absorb the CBD quickly, which allows it to reach the bloodstream faster than CBD skin creams. More importantly, bathing in CBD distributes the cannabinoid in your entire body. CBD is reported to have healing and anxiolytic properties which help us relax in the bathtub.

Is CBD safe?

CBD is safe but by law these bombs CANNOT be sold to anyone under 18 years of age, nor should they be used by children under 18. Not because they would cause any harm but because this is considered an adult product. While it is reported that CBD is safe for everyone to use regardless of condition, we must advise that pregnant women should first consult their doctors before using this product. As with all of our products we make no medical claims whatsoever.


We ensure all our products are certified and tested, 

We hold all of these reports on every product.

Our products are legal for resale to the public.

The Use of CBD and Essential Oils combined in products:

The presence of CBD has many functions as it can assist the essential oil blends to do their magick and is providing an extra moisture boost for your skin with it's calming and soothing properties. CBD has been found to have significant soothing properties in skin care. It's substantial skin-calming and skin-normalizing effects can help minimize issues related to skin sensitivity that is often found with products containing essential oils.

What's exciting about this combination of CBD and essential oils is that there's a growing scientific discussion about their amplification effect.


The community calls it "The Entourage Effect."

What Is The Entourage Effect?

A scientific example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, the Entourage Effect refers to the theory that the phytocannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis plants work in harmony. When these are combined and used therapeutically, users may see much better results than if these substances were used separately. The positive effects of the product would intensify, enabling people to enjoy the benefits of CBD better.


How and Why CBD + Essential Oils Work

The Entourage Effect in CBD requires two ingredients: phytocannabinoids and terpenes.

CBD and THC are phytocannabinoids present in most breeds of cannabis plants. Hemp, a strain of Cannabis sativa, has a low concentration of THC (only 0.3% or lower, by UK. Law). Nevertheless,  our CBD isolate zero THC content, is derived from hemp  and can still produce an Entourage Effect.

Terpenes, meanwhile, are naturally-occurring hydrocarbons present in the essential oils of plants. Terpenes are responsible for the "flavor" of a plant: the smell, taste, and essence that you get when you catch a whiff of its aroma or eat or drink something plant-based. Cannabis  also contains terpenes.

Plant-based essential oils, by nature, are rich sources of terpenes. As previously mentioned, they are also beneficial on their own. Combining essential oils with hemp-based CBD isolate can, therefore, result in more potent therapeutic benefits.

Landmark Research on The Entourage Effect

The belief in the synergy between phytocannabinoids and terpenes is rooted in an early research study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology. The researchers provided scientific evidence that the effects of phytocannabinoids can be amplified when combined with the following terpenoids:

  • Limonene

  • Myrcene

  • Pinene

  • Linalool

  • Caryophyllene

  • Caryophyllene Oxide

  • Nerolidol

  • Phytol

The researchers concluded that combining these with phytocannabinoids strengthen and broaden the clinical applications of CBD extracts.

There's no doubt that scientific research over The Entourage Effect will continue. The BJP landmark research proves its potential; further studies might discover more uses for CBD + Essential Oil products for the benefit of the wider population.

You can see the therapeutic benefits and The Entourage Effect of this promising combination for yourself with any of our CBD products.


Understanding CBD:


You might be aware that the chemicals commonly found in the cannabis plants are called cannabinoids. You might be surprised to learn that humans produce their own cannabinoids. These endocannabinoids, as they are called, are neurotransmitters – substances that act as the body’s chemical messengers. Our bodies are filled with cells that act as receptors.

When the receptors are activated, they relay certain messages to specific cells or organs, telling them how to behave. Endocannabinoids activate these receptors, so they are vital for a healthy body.

The brain needs cannabinoids to coordinate our bodily functions. And the best part is, the brain does not discriminate between the cannabinoids produced by our bodies and those produced by the cannabis plant. Once it has access to cannabinoids, it puts them to work. This is why the cannabinoids found in CBD are reputed to be so effective at helping people with various complaints.