How to make bath bombs, and some of the secrets the pros don't want you to know!

Right! I am firstly going to apologize for the spelling and punctuation in my blogs. Science was my strong point and never the English language. So, I completely flopped my English exams while hitting a A* in chemistry and biology!


So, you want to know about how to make bath bombs? Yup, I was here a few years ago and remember it well, I watch this video on YouTube and thought I could make bath bombs:

(224) DIY | Perfect Bath Bomb Recipe - YouTube

This video is great if you want a basic bath bomb, but your girl wanted OOOMMMPHHHH!!! Some bright color's and foam like a well known brand. Side note here - for all my noobs, you need to have a cosmetic product safety report to legally sell any anything coming into contact with the skin in the UK and EU, so don't get dodging this, or you face a unlimited fine and some time in prison for serious offences. You also need a PIF and batch logs, something I will cover in future.

Firstly, bath bombs are very difficult to make, and sometimes on the level of wanting to rip your hair out, but strangely loving it at the same time?.... insert me every time something goes wrong >


too much water will result in an expanding mix, too little will result in crumbling. You may even get the perfect mix only for it to be ruined by the humidity. So here are my top 5 tips for making bath bombs! Some of these the experts don't want you to know!

  • 1) Humidity is key for keeping your bath bombs smooth, anything over 45% humidity is going to cause havoc, so a dehumidifier in the area you are working is key, also cover your baby's with cling film for extra protection and if you can't afford this use a air tight box with some silica gel pouches inside. It's gotten to points where I've just given up on making bath bombs because it's been too much, and that's okay! They really are tricky, even for the experts.

  • 2) You want bubbles like L*SH? use SLSA or in long Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (before I knew about SLSa - I brought some from amazon for a pretty penny!) NOW ENTER MY BEST KEPT SECRET! and somewhere I love to buy my SLSa from! I shouldn't show you this company... but they are so amazing they deserve this shout out. SLSa - Soak Rochford | Moulds and Products | << These guys have A class SLSa, and also so many products to help you with making bath bombs, bubble bars and a sh*t load more, but stay with me for now and I'll include them more and give you some... I WISH I KNEW INFO!

So for SLSA I recommend using 1% off your bicarb so if you have 300g of bicarbonate of soda use 3g of SLSA. 600g use 6g, and adjust it as you feel is correct, especially is your planning on making your own assessment and formula, Soak Rochford have their own formula you can buy for £120 (currently) that will help any novice become a pro in months, and something I used myself in my bath bomb development, they also have loads of other assessments you can check out here...Assessments ⋆ Soak Rochford | Moulds and Supplies for Soap and Bath Bomb Makers

The owner at Soak Rochford - Jay is a incredible person and always willing to help...


  • 3) The colours from Amazon WON'T CUT IT! Trust me, I tested so many colorings from Amazon, only to be so disappointed and out of pocket.


So you need some Soak Rochford water soluble dyes in your life, my other half swears they are crazy, especially if you accidentally smurf yourself. You'll see what I mean! Trust me, so grab yourself a small pack of these, add a touch of water in them pop them in your mix (minus your citric acid) and give it a good rub!

4) Drying - So you've got it out it's mould by tapping with a spoon or slamming it on a side. PERFECT. Remember don't fu*k with it for at LEAST 48 hours! I know you noobs will be picking it up within 2 hours!


If they crumble and fall apart, I won't feel sorry for your impatient ass LMFAO. These beauties need a little bit of time to set and become hard/solid. Yes you'll do it the first few times but trust me you'll grow out of it quickly.

5) Here's a basic recipe for bath bombs for you to try for yourself and family/friends, remember if you want to sell you need an assessment - something I will cover soon! :)

650g Bicarb,

300g Citric,

8g SLSA,

6g Kaolin Clay,

12g Apricot Kernel Oil,

5g Polysorbate 80,

12g Fragrance oil.

0.3g Soak Rochford Water Soluble dye

You can purchase all of the product you need from Soak Rochford | Bath Bomb, Soap, Wax, Moulds and Products |

6) To paint your bath bombs to you need to use rubbing alcohol and mica mixed together (again all available on SR for short - Soak Rochford.



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