It's Saturday!

Anyone who has their own business knows there's no rest for the wicked, our orders are stacking up again and I feel the pressure building, we are still looking for somewhere for Bubble & BOOM HQ! Arhh, it feels like we will never get there but we will!

So, I will be working tomorrow to try and catch up with orders, and again thank you all for your patience, the aim is to get on-top of orders, we have some fanatic ideas lined up as well too for Easter and mothers day!

So, if your looking for mothers day gifts our bath bombs are the place to be! No, we don't do lavender, and as a mother myself I'm more of a bubblegum and juicy fruits kinda lady! My mum is awaiting a huge box of bath bombs and she won't be disappointed, this year the range is dedicated to her!

Anyway check back soon for some more fantastic updates & I'm currently writing my bath-bomb starter kit essentials! whoop!

I'm off to submerge myself in a cocktail of our best bath bombs...

Wendy x

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