Welcome & The New Hex Bomb!

Oh the difficulty of all black bath bombs, everyone bath-bomb maker expierenced or novice will tell you how difficult they are, but I've finally mastered it with the beautiful HEX BOMB! - the main thing is mixing mixing mixing, oh and a dash of hot water!

So for anyone who wants to know what's going on a Bubble & BOOM I'm here to provide you with some updates, I enjoy writing so thought I would blog alongside my work... anyone who has ordered with us recently may have expierenced some delays and that's because we took so many orders it was diffictlt to keep up!

Working from our small home is getting harder each day and the bath-bombs are taking over my house, so it will be time to move soon, not really sure where we will go! I'd love a shop but as everyone knows the high street isn't doing great especially with COVID. As time goes on my other half is becoming more involved, the outlook of him quitting his job and working with me full time is drawing near and it's exciting.

In my blog I will go through hints and tips on how to make bath bombs as well as customer queries,

ideas, self care and love and any questions from newbie bath bomb makers. Love Wendy x

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