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Howdy! Hello and welcome to my shop!

If your here your probably looking for more information on Bubble & BOOM so I'm here to give it to you! We are a handmade fresh cosmetics company who got bored of the same old, same old boring stuff! Sooo, we got thinking, starting researching and started making handmade vegan cosmetics from home.

I have a tendency to say 'WE' like I am multiple people, that's not the case. I'm a all singing, all dancing one woman band and I LOVE IT! I do everything from website design too packing the products. I have always loved quirky pop art since I was a small girl and so have now decided to incorporate that into my work. I hope you enjoy the fun bright colors as much as I do.

I always wanted to build a brand that was about fun, self love and care for the planet and that is my top goal! I am looking into new ways of making my business plastic free, because fish's are friends! None of our products are tested on animals as we all know bunnies are hunnies. 95% of our products are vegan, if they ain't vegan it will say in the listing! p.s all of our bath bombs and whipped soaps ARE!

Hit me up if you need to chat over on the contact us page, P.S heres a picture of me for the fun of it! Some people like to know who they are speaking too!




I am so grateful you've taken the time out to even

come here and look though all the products! 

It's been a tough few years with COVID but all

of my fantastic customers have kept me going and

kept the dreams flowing (poet and I didn't know it)

Thank you for supporting small! Many of us do a 

mini dance when you buy something and I am 

certainly one of them people.

Remember, here for anything! Even if you need 

time to talk over something that's bothering you, it

doesn't need to be related to my business. I am

supper big on self care so LET IT ALL OUT.

Supporting relaxing bath times everywhere.

Lots of love

Wend x